Finding the fire within – Writing motivation

I admit it.  I am a writing procrastinator.  Like many others out there, I dream of being a writer, an author, a novelist.  This has been a dream since before I could remember.  My only problem….I don’t write.  I used to, back in high school, when boredom of the classroom inspired pages of fiction that transported me out of the dregs of class and into alternate realities. 

I tell myself I don’t have the time, that I have to do this or the other but really…I do have the time.  I have loads of time.  I’ve let the fear and inner critique beat me into submission.  Too scared to put pen to paper or text to screen.  What I fear even more is that I have lost my imagination and creativity.  No longer do I daydream scenarios and scenes, instead I daydream about other people’s characters (from tv shows, novels etc).

In a bid to raise some much needed motivation and inspiration I have been looking around the web at articles, blogs, websites etc.  I intend to post a handful here every now and then when I find some gems or articles that have touched me in some way. 

Hopefully, others may find some of these helpful too and if not then at least I have the links for myself for when I want to look back on them.




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